Nook Coffee Table by David Pickett

A multifunctional coffee table that combines the idea of traditional furniture concepts (a coffee table and a bookshelf) into a modern hybrid.

Nook Coffee Table 10 - Interior Architecture Art

Nook Coffee Table 11 - Interior Architecture Art

Nook Coffee Table 12 - Interior Architecture Art

Designer: David Pickett

Nook Coffee Table 6 - Interior Architecture Art


Nook Coffee Table 1 - Interior Architecture Art

Think about a bookshelf crash landing into a coffee table. Strange combination one might say, but without a doubt, so useful! If you always want to have your books or magazines near when enjoying a coffee on a Saturday morning, then this table is just what you need.

Nook Coffee Table 8 - Interior Architecture Art

The Nook Coffee Table is a geometric coffee table with a nook for books. The integrated bookshelf acts as a balance for your heavy volumes of antiquity. The complex geometry of the design conveys an illusion of floating, in effect, enticing the viewer to investigate how the coffee table balances.

The effect generated by the table corner that drops, transforming  into a shelf, makes it a perfect choice for a modern living room. Having such an unusual design,  the coffee table is both intriguing and very functional at the same time.

Nook Coffee Table 5 - Interior Architecture Art

Nook Coffee Table 2 - Interior Architecture Art

Nook Coffee Table 4 - Interior Architecture Art   Nook Coffee Table 3 - Interior Architecture Art


Design Concepts

According to the designer, David Pickett, during his idealization phase, he focused on seating,  and coffee table concepts. Functionally, he was interested with the idea of bookshelf “crash landing into a coffee table”. This unique idea combined with the client’s need for a multifunctional piece of furniture gave rise to the Nook Coffee Table.

Nook Coffee Table 9 - Interior Architecture Art


Form Direction

After developing the idea of using two traditional furniture concepts to create one multifunctional hybrid, David Pickett began to work in 3D. He utilized CAD to quickly envision the different forms that the “crash landing” concept could take.

Nook Coffee Table 7 - Interior Architecture Art

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