Delta Terminal D @ LGA by ICRAVE

The redesigned Delta terminal at LaGuardia will establish a completely new air travel experience.


Delta Terminal 1


Designers: ICRAVE

Location: LaGuardia Airport Flushing, NY 11369

Delta Terminal 2

Delta Terminal 3

ICRAVE has partnered with OTG Management on several experiential airport projects. According to ICRAVE, the redesigned Delta terminal at LaGuardia aimed at establishing a completely new air travel experience, extending from the gate hold to all of the terminal’s food offerings.

Delta Terminal 6

Delta Terminal 5

Delta Terminal 4

In Bisoux, the main feature of the reworked Parisienne brasserie is its latticed ceiling: impressive in scale and backlit to allow light to filter through cracks, in which the inspiration drew from the passage of light through the Eiffel Tower.

Delta Terminal 11

Delta Terminal 13

Delta Terminal 12

Delta Terminal 10

Delta Terminal 9

Delta Terminal 8

Delta Terminal 7

Crust is being designed to look nothing like the standard Italian kitsch you expect from a pizza café. In fact, Crust verges on high-end residential, emulating super-luxe kitchens and sleek retail boutiques. In both restaurants, custom-designed tables features embedded technology like iPad’s and individual docking and charging stations.

Delta Terminal 15

Delta Terminal 16

Delta Terminal 14

Bar Brace, inspired by the lines and beauty of Italian Riva boats, is a traveler’s beacon at the end of the terminal. It transports the diner to a modern interpretation of a Venetian café, celebrating the aesthetics of speed and transportation.





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