Nook Coffee Table 10 - Interior Architecture Art

Nook Coffee Table by David Pickett

A multifunctional coffee table that combines the idea of traditional furniture concepts (a coffee table and a bookshelf) into a modern hybrid.
My Panda 2 - Interior Architecture Art

My Panda by Torafu Architects

In order to create space for the two-toned clothes, shoes, bags and products, the architect proposed a ‘house’ that is divided into two colors.
Echo House 2 - Interior Architecture Art

Echo House by Kariouk Associates

The challenging task here is to marry the eighty-four years of history by integrating a contemporary, open, and functional living space with a 1924 landmark that overlooks the Rideau Canal.
Wood Patchwork House 6 - Interior Architecture Art

Wood Patchwork House by Peter Kostelov

This riverside summer house in Tverskaya, Russia has a surface divided into rectangles and clad in an assortment of wooden slats painted in different colours.